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The design of the wine tables came from the necessity to have the wine tasting experience at home or away but still preserving a fine furniture quality. With a passion for wine and building community George needed a problem to inspire him to build the wine tables. While enjoying summer outdoor concerts with family and friends George chose to solve the problem of accommodating the group's fare of wine, cheeses and picnic goodies with a single, lightweight picnic table. Having a means to hold a full assortment of hors d'oeuvres and at least 4 full wine glasses without spilling when bumped by concert goers was a critical factor. After one day of design and build George was able to begin testing public reception of the first of several models of wine picnic tables at summer concerts and elsewhere. After two years of extensive design and testing the wine table retained it's early functionality but evolved to a more stable, elegant and practical design.


Our Wine Table called the "Rhythm" features a functional folding design to have the best wine tasting experience at home or away. It is made with the highest quality Grade A teak wood for indoor or outdoor use. The table folds into a compact flat design with easy to carry handles for portability. Set up and takedown is simple and only takes a few seconds and stows away in a space-saving manner. The tabletop is spatial enough for multiple wine bottles and hors d'oeuvre trays to celebrate that special occasion. It also includes four wine glass holders built directly into the top of the table that gracefully holds the wine glass to prevent accidental spillage of your favorite wine.

Wine table details: it weighs 8.6 pounds(3.9 kg), the height off the ground is 19 inches, tabletop dimensions are 24" x 18," and it folds up in a compact 25" x 18" x 2" size.

08T-06 “Rhythm”   Teak 19” h x 24” l x 18” w $239 
08M-06 “Rhythm”* Finished Mahogany 19” h x 24” l x 18” w $179

*item has been discontinued

Wine Tables (Teak)

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