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Who We Are

We're a boutique wholesale distribution company of fine wine furniture and accessories. We sell to high-end retailers that offer superior quality wine furniture for customers who want lasting value. Our Wine Furniture are enduring furniture designs, made from the finest natural materials, and are built with the highest quality craftsmanship. Our products provide functionality and durability that will last for generations to come. That's why our motto is: "Practical Elegance for Discriminating Taste."

We choose to sell our products through fine furniture retailers and specialty shops that distribute our products to high-end customers. If you are a retailer interested in carrying our products we have provided a way to become a qualified reseller. Fill out the reseller agreement form and we will determine if your retail environment meets our criteria. Once you have qualified to become a reseller you can start selling our products. If you are an individual buyer of practical wine furniture and accessories, contact us for our list of qualified retailers.


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Our History

Wine Tables by George™ was founded in 2008 by designer and CEO George Crochet. George's aptitude and passion for building came at a very young age. George developed his expertise in home-building and furniture design through several, informal apprenticeships with carpenters, architects, mechanics, general contractors and as a college engineering student. He's also a passionate wine connoisseur who teaches his wine tasting groups how to "keep it simple." Coupled with the love of furniture design and a passion for wine there was a natural progression into creating innovative, practical and elegant wine furniture.

His more serious commitment to wine furniture came from a problem: "How to bring the wine and food dining experience on the go?" From that, he designed the "Rhythm" - an elegantly designed wine table that folds up into an easy to carry package with wine glass holders built directly into the top of the table. After that success, he redesigned an earlier wine storage unit that is clever in design, to safely store your wine collection in a space-saving manner.

After receiving positive feedback, George decided to offer his products to the discriminating retail consumer of fine wine furniture and accessories. After a 2 year search vetting over 20 manufacturers, he found only one manufacturer who could produce his "innovations in design" that's made from the "finest natural materials" and built with the "highest quality craftsmanship."  Only then was he able to launch Wine Tables by George™ and bring his products to the market.  That manufacturer went out of business and could no longer supply our orders.  We now have another high quality manufacturer and our products will be available in 2018.