The first link in our supply chain is our manufacturers. We choose manufacturers who bring the highest quality craftsmanship with the finest natural, renewable materials to build our products. They uphold the highest standards and because of this we offer quality products. Our suppliers have a track record for superior quality and exceptional dedication to fulfill our customers’ needs. It is this level of tenacity, commitment and sense of urgency that has solidified our relationship.

Our wood product manufacturers are supportive of good forestry practices and land stewardship. As a result, they are able to depend on long-term supplies of quality forestry products while helping to maintain healthy, long-lasting forests for generations to come. They are exporters of exceptional high quality garden and indoor furniture. They make our wine furniture products using Grade A teak, German zelkova and African mahogany wood from our simple, exclusive designs. We know that the best quality of teak wood in Indonesia is from the Central Java region and that’s where our teak products come from.